the Venue… we call it.

Marc & Heather Titus, Aumbase Co-Founders

We always knew, I suppose, that this was the trajectory, a Sedona Yoga Studio… for Marc & Heather??!!! nah… Well, after almost 5 years of running the Sedona Yoga Festival, our conscious partnership has shown us over and over our Dharma and Aumbase Sedona is no different.  This adventure has been epic as we have witnessed the gestation of this beautiful venue… we have purified, shaktified, pranafied, and even somehow an aumazing vortex landed on the South Wall; You will just need to experience it to know what we mean.  And that’s the cool thing, right!!??  We created this for YOU!  For the past several years, we have received inquiry after inquiry to host retreats; do you have a Yoga Studio…? Well, now we can and we can say YES!  This fully equipped Sedona yoga studio and retreat rental venue has the capacity to hold 55 students on mats, 2 bathrooms, a mini-kitchenette, green room, and private meditation/reception area in the front.  110 inch screen and HD Projector, SONOS Soundsystem, mats, blocks, straps, backjacks, etc.  Our staff is here to assist you in creating your dream experience/retreat in Sedona.  Our numerous partners and community relationships offer a “menu of possibilities” so that together we can co-create a unique Sedona Experience for your tribe.  (Intimate retreats up to 10 can be accommodated at the Aumbase Ashram.  Click here to find out more about this unique opportunity…)

We Also Bring you the Annual Sedona Yoga Festival!  Yup… We Love YOGA and We LOVE SEDONA!

More of Aumbase Sedona and Aumbase Sedona Adventures… On the land or in the studio!  Your Sedona Yoga Resource.

Sedona Yoga Studio

Center for Consciousness Evolution

Sedona Yoga Studio... and more!

A Full Service Sedona Yoga Studio…and more!

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