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The Aumbase Ashram…

We open our humble abode to small groups (up to 6) for deep transformation, quiet introspection, yoga (in our studio and on the land), meditation, healthy living and lifestyle coaching… Or just bring your group and hang out… We have awesome connections.  Want to go on a wine tour?  No problem.  Yoga Classes… yup.  Where to eat? Yum, we know the highest vibe places.  Marc has lived in Sedona near 10 years and Heather near 5 and have dedicated their time here to promote Sedona as a truly transformative YOGA DESTINATION, as indeed it is!

We are happy to share our knowledge and experiences of this magical and mystical place we call hOMe.  Please enter your email address to proceed to the Ashram Experiences.  You will receive a confirmation email with further information regarding the Ashram.  Should you decide to book a retreat, we will use this email address to communicate with you. (and quite honestly, this is our home…  and if you’ve gotten this far, your probably pretty serious… and so are we.  Make no mistake, a profound experience awaits you; a transformation is not just probable, rather likely.  We have seen it over and over.  If you want to LAUNCH, then come stay with us…  this place is AUMazing!)

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