Aumbase Sedona Adventures
Guided Yoga Hikes & Privates, Land & Vortex Tours

Aumbase Sedona Adventures provides you with an opportunity to truly experience one of the most powerful & energetic landscapes in the world, whether a Yoga Hike or Sedona Land tour you choose your own adventure!

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Prana Shakti Yoga on the Rocks

Sedona is known the world over for its powerful and transformative energy. Some feel it as palpable sensations, others as a deeper sense of knowing, and others still… everyone experiences Sedona in their own unique way. Just as you will! You will set out on a beautiful hike talking about your practice and where you are in your life until arriving at the perfect space for an asana practice. Heather has an intuitive sense of the channels of the physical and pranic body, a compassionate sense of the mental and energetic state of the students, and a commitment to refining and purifying the intuitive body leads to a session designed for those who show up on the mat that day, and is always guided in a way that is open to all levels – can be as challenging as you are willing to make it, and as simple as linking the breath and the body and the land…

Space of Grace Sound Healing on the Red Rocks

Hike to one of Sedona’s spiritual vortexes and then bask in the soothing and healing vibrations of Tibetan bowls, flute, gong and more.  Relax into a deep state of meditative bliss and allow Sedona’s vortex energy to work with you as you savor the space of grace within. Sedona’s multi-dimensional vortexes are subtle energy centers created from a spiraling energy that has been found to enhance prayer, meditation and healing.  Native Americans long ago recognized the spiritual power and energy of Sedona’s vortexes, honoring this land by using it only for sacred ceremonies. Then energy field of Sedona’s many vortexes reaches out about 22 miles.

Earth Spirit Wisdom Shamanic Healing on the Red Rocks

As a Wisdom of the Earth guide, Amalia facilitates a healing journey for your personal needs on the spiritual rocks of the Sedona vortexes. She draws from a multi-modality base applying them to your personal needs for your shamanic healing sessions including counseling, breath work, movement, emotional integration and balancing, healing visualizations, energetic clearing, soul retrieval, body wisdom and grounding energy to clear the physical and emotional blocks and to anchor you to your fullest potential of spiritual embodiment. Sessions are designed to clear core issues, and embody the presence of self for the healing and manifestation of change you seek.

Yoga Nidra on the Red Rocks

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Aumbase (pronounced Ōm Bāse) is far more than a company or brand…Aumbase exists for each of us; a place you could call it, yet not a destination… it’s more of a feeling, a sense. Perhaps the essence of divinity itself residing in our hearts; that incredible high we feel when in the zone. It is life force itself and its creative power is a force to reckon! and yet, most spend very little time in this state of being. It is elusive, yet available to all and when actively cultivated life begins to effortlessly flow. Activity becomes Dharma… Service in Action and as the consciousness expands & evolves we become more aligned with it, more often. We may truly allow our purpose to shine, and that… is a good thing! Marc & Heather Titus

Co-Founders/Lead Guides/Yogis, Aumbase

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