Aumbase Sedona Adventures

Aumbase Sedona Adventures

Guided Yoga Hikes & Privates, Land & Vortex Tours

Aumbase Sedona Adventures provides you with an opportunity to truly experience one of the most powerful & energetic landscapes in the world, whether a Yoga Hike or Sedona Land tour you choose your own adventure!
One of the best things to do in Sedona is yoga.

Let the Sedona Adventures Begin!


I want to go on a guided tour!I want the Ultimate!
  • Sedona is known the world over for its powerful and transformative energy.  Some feel it as palpable sensations, others as a deeper sense of knowing, and others still…  everyone experiences Sedona in their own unique way.  Just as you will!  The best way by far is to get out on the land with a knowledgeable and intuitive guide.
  • Our studio and offices are mere steps away from the famed Airport Mesa Vortex, where you can experience a phenomenal Sedona sunrise/sunset or if you are more energetically sensitive or inclined a guided hike around the mesa will create a deeper connection to the land and its powerful vibrations.

We have many options available for guided experiences on the land and dedicated guides who can take you as far as you want to go on your Journey; there is much possible for you!  The best way to a great experience is to get out on the land and feel… and we are here to help you do that!

Aumbase (pronounced Ōm Bāse) is far more than a company or brand…Aumbase exists for each of us; a place you could call it, yet not a destination… it’s more of a feeling, a sense. Perhaps the essence of divinity itself residing in our hearts; that incredible high we feel when in the zone. It is life force itself and its creative power is a force to reckon! and yet, most spend very little time in this state of being. It is elusive, yet available to all and when actively cultivated life begins to effortlessly flow. Activity becomes Dharma… Service in Action and as the consciousness expands & evolves we become more aligned with it, more often. We may truly allow our purpose to shine, and that… is a good thing!

Marc & Heather Titus

Co-Founders/Lead Guides/Yogis, Aumbase


Aumbase Sedona Adventures - Yoga Hikes & Privates, Land & Vortex Tours

Land & Vortex Experiences, Sedona Yoga Hikes

Aumbase Sedona Adventures can provide a guide to enhance your time on the land with local knowledge, trailside wisdom and a variety of practices to open your awareness to the powerful energies available here. We have a number of skilled yoga guides on staff, along with more specialized experiences like Earth Spirit Wisdom with coach Amalia Camateros or Forest Bathing (shinrin-yoku), provided by certified guide, Suzi Minor.

the Ultimate Aumbase Adventure

Allow us to create together, your perfect Aumbase Adventure. Launch from Sedona and travel by your choice (car, SUV, motorcycle, helicopter or small plane… if you provide 😉 ), we can go primitive or luxury.  Destination: YOU.  Marc will be your guide.  Awesome it will be.

Learn more about our Specialty Guides

Certified Forest Bathing Guide Suzi Minor

Let nature inspire creativity,
relax our mind and restore our balance.
It is time we reconnect with nature.

Earth Spirit Wisdom with Amalia Camateros

“Amalia inspires us to reconnect with the Earth and our own bodies as an anchor of consciousness and as a temple of living spirit.”

Aumbase Sedona Adventures Joseph Campbell
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