October 12, 2017 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am America/Phoenix Timezone
Suggested Drop-in $15-$20


The Kaiut Yoga Method is a slow, deep meditative practice that consists of prolonged passive and active movements which help to expose and eliminate blockages and restrictions around the joints. The founder of Kaiut Yoga, Francisco Kaiut, developed his own method of teaching, that references Hatha Yoga, while taking a therapeutic approach influenced by holistic health and natural therapy.

The sequences are designed to help the practitioner develop a skill within their nervous system that triggers a parasympathetic response, so that the system can rest, digest, recover and heal from the stresses of modern day life. There is intelligence behind each sequence, and the movements are influenced by biomechanics, physiological and energetic principles.

The majority of the practice is done on the floor using props and is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ability or degree of fitness.

Kaiut Yoga works to return the body to its optimum structure and functionality by targeting the joints, reprogramming the nervous system, and eliminating pain. The results that can be achieved from the Kaiut Method can be noticed fairly immediately after practicing, and will continue to become deeper and more subtle as the student progresses.

The Kaiut Yoga Method is specifically designed to enhance your body’s own capacity to heal.

Some of the Benefits of Kaiut Yoga Include:
Improved circulation
Renewed youthfulness
Stress relief
Discharge of tension
Healing of the joints
Chronic pain reduction
Peace of mind



Ayla Sarnoff is a 200HR Kaiut Yoga Teacher and a 200HR Hatha Yoga Teacher. She has spent the last decade studying and training in Therapeutic Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for Cancer Survivors, Prenatal Yoga, and Kaiut Yoga.

Ayla now teaches and practices the Kaiut Yoga Method exclusively.
She studies on a continuous basis with her primary teacher, Fransisco Kaiut in order to deepen her own understanding of the practice and application of the Kaiut Yoga Method.

Ayla instructs her classes in a manner that is suitable for all ages, abilities and degrees of fitness. She especially works to acknowledge students with injuries, physical restrictions and chronic pain.

Ayla believes the true essence of yoga is to use the body as a tool to discover our own true inherent nature in the Self; especially in peace and joy.

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