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A scintillating Sedona Yoga Studio at the base of Airport Mesa Vortex with stunning views available… both inside and out. Home of Aumbase Adventures, where yoga hikes, Sedona vortex tours, shamanic healing and sound journeys on the red rocks are the norm! Special events come and go. We have a FULL lineup of regularly scheduled Sedona Yoga Classes that you can drop in or schedule ahead to your liking. Come and feel it for yourself… at Aumbase, your AUM away from hOMe.

…::: HAPPY YOGI’S! :::…

Highlight of my month long stay in Sedona was the 6:30 Integral/Ashtanga Class with Geoffrey Taylor! A marvelous exuberant teacher and a fun yet hard class for me! I can't wait to return in 2018 to his class and to Sedona!

Jenifer M
Huron, OH

Loved my yoga class with Geoffrey Taylor. A true master. His ashtanga yoga mix was heaven. Immediately signed up for a month, the time I will be here in Sedona. Feeling blessed to have found him.

Leonardo H.
Zürich, Switzerland

I found Aumbase and now I can't stop!!! Geoffrey's integral yoga is excellent! I go most mornings at 6:30am. It's a great compliment to life Sedona! Starting your day with yoga always makes for a great day!

Mallory A.
Denver, CO

I attended Marc's workshop on Sunday, Nov 19, "Intro to Yoga Nidra: Sankalpa/Intention Workshop." It was fantastic! I am not new to Yoga Nidra, but I learned a great deal. Marc packed so much content and research into the workshop, along with TWO sessions of the wonderful sleep-based meditation. I highly recommend this workshop if it's repeated.

Lorie G
Sedona, AZ

Todays Yoga Nidra class in a word, "Blissful." I felt so completely relaxed afterwards. Upon leaving the building my mindset was quiet & calm. The hardest part is staying awake as you listen to the tranquil words helping everyone to stay focused on peace & harmony. Thank you Marc for suggesting I attend your inspiring class, it's wonderful!

Debbie K.
Sedona, AZ


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“God created the Grand Canyon but She lives in Sedona”
~ New York Times

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