yoga retreats sedona tours yoga hikes sedona yoga classes

Aumbase Sedona, a center for consciousness evolution.  Featuring Guided Yoga Hikes, Sedona Tours, Land & Hiking Tours, Yoga Retreats & Local Sedona Yoga Classes.  All things yoga in Sedona; your personal transformation awaits!  Home of Aumbase Sedona Adventures, we are your one-stop to awaken your yoga in Sedona. 


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Sedona Tours Yoga Hikes Yoga Retreats Sedona Yoga Classes

Aumbase Sedona Adventures

Our unique signature Sedona Yoga Hikes, along with Specialty Experiences like Forest Bathing or Earth Spirit Wisdom allows you to truly experience first hand one of the most powerful & energetic landscapes in the world.

yoga retreats sedona tours yoga hikes Aumbase Sedona

Personal Growth - Retreats & Trainings

Aumbase Sedona has an active calendar of retreats, trainings, workshops & more… We host authentic teachers from around the world to bring deep teachings, as well as a variety of yoga, meditation & conscious living retreats.  One of the best things to do in Sedona is Yoga and our yoga retreats are awesome!
Yoga Retreats Sedona Tours yoga hikes Sedona Yoga Classes

Drop in Yoga Classes at Aumbase Sedona

Aumbase Sedona offers Pay as you Wish drop-in classes on a recurring weekly schedule when there are not trainings in the studio, taught by authentic, heart-centered yogis dedicated to YOUR unique yoga.

the Aumbase Ashram… coming soon!

Privately hosted retreats for up to 6. Land hikes, yoga classes, healthy lifestyle, ashram environment.  Meditation gardens and day room, spa on site. We are experts in designing and implementing your unique Sedona Transformation.

The Aumbase Sedona Team

Transformational experiences are our specialty! We are dedicated to creating and nurturing platforms and relationships that lead to real and positive growth as all humanity evolves its consciousness. 

Marc & Heather Shereé Titus

Marc & Heather Shereé Titus

Aumbase Co-Founders

Aumbase (pronounced Ōm Bāse) is far more than a company or brand…Aumbase exists for each of us; a place you could call it, yet not a destination… it’s more of a feeling, a sense. Perhaps the essence of divinity itself residing in our hearts; that incredible high we feel when in the zone. It is life force itself and its creative power is a force to reckon! and yet, most spend very little time in this state of being. It is elusive, yet available to all and when actively cultivated life begins to effortlessly flow. Activity becomes Dharma… Service in Action and as the consciousness expands & evolves we become more aligned with it, more often. We may truly allow our purpose to shine, and that… is a good thing!

Leah Joy Lindner

Leah Joy Lindner

Marketing Director

Jason Vargo

Jason Vargo

Sales Manager

Mac McLaughlin

Mac McLaughlin

Facilities Manager

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This Team Does SYF Too!

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Collaborate with us to create your unique & transformational Sedona Experience

We will work together to create an uplifting, high-vibe experience for your group!  Be it Leadership Teams & Corporate Retreats or Family, Friends and Leisure a group experience with us is sure to rock your world… but don’t worry, we can make that a good thing…

We rent the venue, too.  Click here for more information.

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Featuring Guided Yoga Hikes, Sedona Tours, Land & Hiking Tours, Yoga Retreats & Local Sedona Yoga Classes. 

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